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Anand and Associates Our Esteemed Clients
Our Esteemed Clients
Our Esteemed ClientsIn India

Our clients range from SMEs in business community varying from Traders in Consumer Goods Groceries and Food Stuff to large scale manufacture of Granite Tiles, Automobile Spares, Food Processing industries, Banking, Insurance and also Textiles and Garments. There are some Jewellery manufacturers in the list of our clients, manufacturing handmade Silver Jewellery, which is a popular industry in Salem, next to Mangoes. Among the professionals who are our clients there are Physicians and Surgeons who run medium scale Hospitals and Polyclinics in the city and Law firms.


When it comes to Offshore Clients for whom we handle their book keeping and accounting functions including Revenue Returns preparation work, our clients range from Hospitals to Entertainment Production companies, Landscaping and Property Cleaning and Management Corps, Real Estate business firms, Motels and Restaurants, Retail Distribution Corps, Financing and Investment Management Corps, Real Estate Developing and Management Corps & LLCs etc.

Our Reliability
All the assignments are handled by well experienced and well trained staff who have been with us for not less than 10 to 15 years. Our track record of satisfied and long standing clients would speak for itself. All the details of our clients are kept highly confidential over the years and we have never had even a single instance of any malpractice by any of our staff since they have been a part of our family rather than the firm as such!